Did I turn it off? I must have turned it off. Did I go back in the bathroom after grabbing my coffee? There is no way I would forget that. Oh, forget it I gotta go back and check. 

This friends, is what we like to call 'The Curling Iron Dilemma', it is what the wife of Whutsiznaim of the Uber Review goes through everytime she leave the house. You think you might have turned it off and you probably did, but if not you could end up like Melissa Frame of Main Frame Review and come home to a burnt hole in your carpet.

There is a simple solution to ’The Curling Iron Dilemma’ also known as the Belkin WeMo. By plugging in your curling iron into the Belkin WeMo you can bypass all of the worry, anxiety, and eventual turn-arounds that have made you late for work on numerous occasions. The WeMo can be switched on and off using the free app downloaded to your iPhone. With the control at your fingertips there is no need to fear the curling iron, oh and by the way, your hair looks fabulous!

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